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Free Cash Network
Helping Others By Helping Yourself!

A Gift That Never Stops Giving chart Euro - Swiss Franc!!

What Is Our Free Cash Network?

Is a FREE website portal that helps members who need financial assistance, be able to receive gifts from people all over the world that are like minded and have combined to reduce the burdens of life brought on by the many troubles that plague our world today. Disease, homelessness, out of work, even ordinary household bills are no longer an issue when you become a member of our site and activate your gifting services.

By activating your Gifting Services you will be assisting the growth and spread of blessings throughout the world that will reach families of many who need it. But most of all you will be helping yourself. Your membership on our gifting platform will activate your ability to receive multiple gifts for life! As you can see the Gifting Levels below, you will be able to receive over $79,400 over and over again without any extra out of pocket expences. The simple help you give to someone today rewards you with gifts on multiple levels for as long as you desire to remain a member.


Level 1 - 8 Payments of $25

Level 2 - 8 Payments of $100

Level 3 - 8 Payments of $300

Level 4 - 8 Payments of $500

Level 5 - 8 Payments of $1000

Level 6 - 8 Payments of $3000

Level 7 - 8 Payments of $5000


What Would I Be Required To Do?

In short, help us to spread the word and get more people involved! Our goal is to bless as many families as we can with this unique opportunity. There are just so many people suffering right now with the recent pandemic that is now world wide, that we have to succeed where our governments have failed us. Only through the power of giving can we as a people rise from the depths of deprivation. So it is essential that we help others out of poverty into the life they always dreamed of. And in the process do the same for ourselves Euro/British Pound!




How Do I Receive Assistance Once I Give Assistance?

When you activate your gifting service you are placed on a giftitng board in one of the blue positions (freshmen grade) you see below. There is a side A or side B that you will end up on. Once that side has been filled the board will split and you will move up to the next grade (sophomore). Once the freshmen slots have been filled on the side you landed on again, you will move from sophomore to junior grade in which the board splits again. Once again, once the freshmen slots on that board have been filled the board splits one final time and then you become a Senior. At that point, any freshmen that joins that board you are a senior on gifts you directly through your payment processor(s) of choice. Allowing you to receive 8 gifts at the current gifting level you are on.  Once you have received all 8 gifts, the board will close and you can move up to the next level of Assistance and also receive a reentry into the level you currently closed. This gives you a never ending flow of gifts for life!





This is by far one of the best ways to get financial assistance. And when you join Team Phoenix today, you will be joining a dedicated group of people whose sole purpose is to help you achieve the financial freedom you deserve. You will not just join and then be on your own. We make sure that we help you build a long life of earning for many years to come.  Simply complete your portal registration today by clicking the join button below and follow the instructions in the members area. (The Portal Is FREE To Join Canadian Dollar - Japanese Yen)