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What Is Our Free Cash Network?

It is a website portal that enhances the earnings of Ether Chain website 10 fold. It was created by a member of Ether Chain to maximize the results of new and veteran marketers who would like to earn without having to be forced to refer to make a profit!

Ether Chain is one of the first Smart Contract websites that pay out 310% on any investment, with the first minimum investment starting at 0.1Eth and the maximum being 10Eth. It truly is a powerful site that has many marketers rushing to join and build a powerful network behind it. If you ever wanted to make truly 100% passive income, from multiple accounts on a DAILY basis, using this portal website for Ether Chain is the way to go.


Before we get into how Our Free Cash Network functions, you need to understand about Ether Chain first. The Ether Chain Smart Contract is designed to provide everyone with an independent, financial foundation based on Blockchain and Smart Contract technology. By depositing Ether into the fund (contract address) you activate the program and will RECEIVE 310% back, distributed accordingly to the Contract algorithm. Ether Chain is 100% decentralized and community-based; there are no additional profits made in the system, it is a P2P support model which insures fairness, transparency and justice for all. There are no mediators or intermediaries, no owners, no company or human interaction, effectively guaranteeing the fairness of all participating partners according to the rules of the Smart Contract. It is the most reasonable, safest, and best cutting-edge financial SUPPORT model available at this time.




With Ether Chain we are completely changing the way to earn online. No more depending on people who join and do nothing. You do not have to refer to earn profit on your investment. You determine how much you would like to earn. Whether you start off with the bare minimum of 0.1Eth (earns you 0.31ETH) to see if the program really works. Or if you go "All In" and invest the maximum of 10Eth (earns  you 31ETH). No matter what you choose you now have complete control of your ending results. There are actually 4 stages of cycle investing to make sure that the Ether Chain stays sustainable for years to come.


  • 1st cycle, minimum deposit 0.1 ETH, up to 10 ETH.
  • 2nd cycle, equal or greater than previous cycle, up to 30 ETH.
  • 3rd cycle, equal or greater than previous cycle, up to 90 ETH.
  • 4th cycle and beyond, equal or greater than previous cycle, up to 200 ETH (200ETH is the maximum amount to invest)


With 200 being the maximum to invest, it means you will only be able to earn a total of 620ETH (200 X 310%). You would only profit 420ETH each time you made a new investment! But what if you want more Ether? If you are not referring and you are truly earning passively, how can you increase your daily earnings and build your network simultaneously? 

This is where Our Free Cash Network comes into play. Inside you will have the opportunity of building, not 1, but up to 10 separate accounts in Ether Chain and only made to advertise one link. So instead of you reaching your maximum income profit of 420Eth, you will be earning a profit of 4200ETH+ per year ($1,017,366 current USD value).

To become a member of Our Free Cash Network is not a service you will have to pay for. To use OFCN is completely FREE! We did this because earning passive income and building a true Free Cash Money Network is every marketer's dream. And that can be accomplished right here today!

Simply click on the join button below and follow the instructions in the members area on how to plugin and profit to start earning income within the next 24 hrs, GUARANTEED!!


Is There A Way I Can Speed Up My Daily Earnings?


That is a great question! Remember when we said you do not have to refer? Well you don't. But if you decide to refer others and they join under you, you will be paid a daily percentage of their 1% daily. In fact there are multiple ways you can earn more money (per account):

  • You enter Ether Chain by depositing a minimum of 0.1ETH.
  • You are now eligible to receive 310% of your investment back (example: 1.0 ETH in, 3.1 ETH out).
  • 310% ROI is returned in 4 ways (1 passive and 3 via marketing) when 310% is accumulated through any of the 4 ways, a new deposit must be made equal or greater to continue receiving from the fund.
  1. 1% Daily ROI on your Deposit (maximum 310 days), 100% Passive.
  2. 10% Direct Referral Commission for Sharing and Growing the Community Fund.
  3. Daily matching Commission on Partners Daily ROI Income, 1 level activated for each direct partner, maximum 15 levels, see below

    1st generation 30%
    2nd generation 10%
    3rd generation 10%
    4th generation 10%
    5th generation 10%
    6th generation 8%
    7th generation 8%
    8th generation 8%
    9th generation 8%
    10th generation 8%
    11th generation 5%
    12th generation 5%
    13th generation 5%
    14th generation 5%
    15th generation 5%

  4. Daily Top Referrer Pool 5%, of ALL Deposits set aside in pool, every 24 hour 10% of the pool is shared among top 4 sponsors in volume

These various ways will increase your daily earnings very quickly. This is the only smart contract of it's kind and truly pays to be a part of this community. The ultimate goal is to increase your daily earnings because the more you increase your daily earnings the more you make per month. For the example below we will use USD.

  • If you earn $1 a day for 30 days = $30 per month
  • If you earn $5 a day for 30 days = $150 per month
  • If you earn $10 a day for 30 days = $300 per month
  • If you earn $20 a day for 30 days = $600 per month
  • If you earn $50 a day for 30 days = $1500 per month
  • If you earn $100 a day for 30 days = $3000 per month

But if you add Our Free Cash Network strategy in our back office:

  • $30 per month times 10 accounts = $300 per month
  • $150 per month times 10 accounts = $1500 per month
  • $300 per month times 10 accounts = $3000 per month
  • $600 per month times 10 accounts = $6000 per month
  • $1500 per month times 10 accounts = $15000 per month
  • $3000 per month times 10 accounts = $30000 per month

Using our strategy to enhance your daily earnings puts you even more in control of the amount of ETH you can earn on a daily basis and eliminates the original cap of only earning 620Eth. And best part is the same members that you built in one account can also help you build in the other accounts. So if you have 15 members in account 1, those same 15 members can be in accounts 2-10.

By us putting this system in play here at OFCN, you will not need to advertise all 10 accounts separately to build your 10 accounts. 1 Link for all 10 accounts, just by you creating a 100% FREE account with Our Free Cash Network!


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